black and white checkerboard flooring

Chequered Flooring Ideas

Classic black & white check floor

checkerboard flooring in a traditional bathroom

Our Heritage Squares Collection create a timeless chequerboard floor. Seen here in Stove Black and Linen White.

stove-black-heritage-square-tile-vinyl-floor Stove Black View Floor
linen-white-heritage-square-tile-vinyl-floor Linen White View Floor

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check flint check pattern floor in green devol kitchen

Our beautiful collection Check by Neisha Crosland is a great choice for any style of kitchen. Flint (pictured here) is a soft neutral grey that looks great alongside darker kitchen furnishings. Alternatively, choose one of the darker colourways for a bold look against lighter furnishings.

Flint Grey Floor Tile Check Flint View Floor

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Retro blue & white

checkered kitchen floor

Create laid-back classic retro style with a chequerboard patterned floor from Harvey Maria.

Bay Blue View Floor
Linen White View Floor

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Jet Black and Latte White are the ideal choice for transforming your home with a classic retro look.

Jet Black View Floor
Latte White View Floor

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Yellow & white diamond checkerboard vinyl floor tiles

Suzie from London has chosen a diagonal diamond pattern for her charming Yellow and Latte White floor, which cleverly draws the eye across the room, making her cosy kitchen appear more spacious. These hard-wearing 12 x 12 inch tiles also work well as Utility Room Floors.

Yellow View Floor
Latte White View Floor

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Gingham checkered vinyl flooring tiles

For a unique twist on classic monochrome checkered vinyl flooring, why not introduce a third shade to create a contemporary greyscale effect? Here, interior stylist Marisa Daly chose three tiles from our Urban Colours Collection to add depth and interest to her gingham-inspired bathroom.

Brilliant White View Floor
Shimmering Black View Floor

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All Harvey Maria floor coverings are both stunning and extremely practical